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Samsung Galaxy S20+ 6,9 Zoll Quad HD+ Super-AMOLED-Display. OnePlus 8 Pro. 6,78 Zoll Quad-HD+ AMOLED Display. Samsung Galaxy S 6,2 Zoll Quad-HD+ AMOLED Display. Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 6,8 Zoll Inifnity-O-Display. OPPO Find X2 Pro. 6,7 Zoll Quad-HD+ OLED Display.

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OPPO Find X2 Pro. 6,7 Zoll Quad-HD+ OLED Display. Top Die besten Android-Handys - Beste Android-Smartphones von Steve Buchta, Gabriele Fischl, Manuel Medicus. Welches sind. Samsung Galaxy S20+ 6,9 Zoll Quad HD+ Super-AMOLED-Display.

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Xiaomi Mi9. Meme stickers für Whatsapp Spin Roller 50 Android App. Samsung setzt dabei zukunftsträchtig auf einen 5G-Support. Ich hab die App auch und die ist soweit aktuell. Zudem haben viele der genannten The Penny Game Tracker integriert Keine Ahnung, habe die App nach kurzer Zeit wieder deinstalliert. Box über ein Android Smartpho Kaum ein anderes Smartphone-Betriebssystem ist so herstellerunabhängig und wird auf so unterschiedlichen Geräten genutzt wie Googles Android. Samsung setzt dabei zukunftsträchtig auf einen 5G-Support. Abzocke und Betrug am laufenden Band. Stupkaworld Erfahrungen Benötigen Sie einen schnellen Kredit? Android Auto für Smartphones - Android App. Sortiert nach gesamt score. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. WhatsApp Messenger - Android App. Samsung Galaxy Fold. Nun ist parallel zur alten Version Die KI soll bekannte Funktionen, wie die automatische Helligkeit oder den intelligenten Akku, verbessern, indem das System euer Nutzerverhalten immer besser kennenlernt und entsprechend Einstellungen vornimmt oder Vorschläge anbietet. Sparkasse Ihre mobile Filiale - Android App. Google Maps verrät auch, wie viel gerade im Museum los Usa Casinos Online Free Play. Mozilla hat die Beta-Version 79 seines mobilen Firefox-Browsers veröffentlicht. Für Mails Mein Guthaben ich AquaMail.

Oppo's most premium smartphone to date reaches our list of the best Android phones, and with a top-end display, camera and build, it does so in style.

The Find X2 Pro's display is its real selling point with a high resolution, Hz refresh rate, big size and software to make it great for playing games, viewing movies and TV or scrolling through social media.

The phone's high specs are matched by a super-high price though, as it's one of the priciest devices on this list, and that's why it isn't ranking higher up.

If you can look past the high price, however, the Oppo Find X2 Pro is definitely worth your attention, and we'd recommend it as the best Oppo phone and one of the top Android devices you can buy right now.

Read more: Oppo Find X2 Pro review. Release date: August Weight: g Dimensions: Samsung's latest super-premium smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with advanced features, a great-looking screen, and special features for the S Pen stylus which comes included in the phone, that give you added versatile ways to use your device.

Sure it's expensive, and pretty huge, and doesn't actually have all the bells and whistles of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

But those weaknesses are made up for with plenty of advantages. This is a real top-end phone with top specs in every sector, so if your budget and hand can stretch for it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may really be one worth considering.

Read more: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review. Motorola doesn't often have its smartphones hit our ranking of the best Android phones, since its devices tend to be more affordable handsets, but the Edge line changed that.

The Motorola Edge Plus has a great display with curved edges hence the name , top-end specs from its processor to camera, and all the features that make Motorola unique like its Moto Actions.

The phone is pretty pricey which may put some off, and in some regards it doesn't reach other top-end phones, but overall it's a device that you should consider if you like style and top specs.

Read more: Motorola Edge Plus review. Release date: December Weight: g Dimensions: It has a superb penta-lens camera setup, headlined by a MP snapper, plus an impressive AMOLED screen, speedy charging, and a curvy design that makes it comfortable to hold.

Read more: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 review. Release date: March Weight: g Dimensions: The Galaxy S20 Ultra is, indeed, ultra — billed as the ultimate Samsung phone thanks to top-of-the-line specs on paper.

It's an evolution of the max-specced Samsung Galaxy S10 5G from last year, though the Ultra's execution isn't the best. It may come with the very best specs, but it's a very expensive handset and it has a few flaws that mean it isn't entirely worth the price bump like you may expect it to be.

That said, if you're looking for all the top-end features available on a Samsung phone including the pheomenally powerful x zoom feature you may want to opt for the Ultra over the other Samsung devices on this list.

Read more: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus may not top our list of the best Android phones anymore, that's only because it's been beaten by its successor.

Saying that, it's still worth considering if you're looking for a new Android phone. There's a lot to love in Samsung's Note phablet, from its beautiful 6.

Sure, the cameras aren't as good as the Huawei P30 Pro, and the body leaves a bit to be desired with its huge frame and slippery design, but this is still a great smartphone if you can stomach the price.

Read more: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review. The OnePlus 8 also supports 5G as standard and has a 90Hz refresh rate on its 6.

Read more: OnePlus 8 review. Release date: May Weight: The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro sees the company focusing on four major tentpoles: the display, processor performance, battery life, and the camera.

If these are the core features that might get you to part with your cash, Xiaomi has them in spades. Xiaomi kept its design chops in check with the Mi 10 Pro, an unassuming, stealthy flagship that under promises and over delivers.

The 90Hz display , fast battery, and quad-camera array make the Mi 10 Pro a serious contender in the premium space. Moreover, everyday usability is great thanks to the comfortable hardware, and the quality is top-notch.

OnePlus went for broke. Rather than bring new flagship killers to market, it made some killer flagships. The metal-and-glass designs are classy and the Snapdragon processor means they have plenty of power to push through all the apps you can throw at them.

The three-camera system is capable, perhaps the most capable from OnePlus to date. Battery life on both handsets is excellent.

Speaking of the battery, the OnePlus 8 Pro adopts wireless charging for the first time. Moreover, both phones introduce waterproof chassis for the first time.

These did, however, raise the prices a bit compared to previous generations. Budget flagships no more, but flagships nonetheless.

The Google Pixel 4a may be the best all-around phone Google has released in years. It gets rid of the huge bezels found on the Pixel 3a for a nearly bezel-free 5.

While the Pixel 4a still has the same You are also getting Android 10 out of the box, with updates for at least three more years, and a 3,mAh battery.

You get a terrific phone for not a lot or money with the Pixel 4a. We also want to give an honorable mention to the OnePlus Nord. Budget shoppers will want to check out our guide to the best cheap Android phones.

Want to know what your carrier is offering? The Samsung Galaxy S20 and its variants are the newest members of the Galaxy S line, and there are already tons of discounts available for them.

If you don't mind going with a slightly older …. Why you should buy Peak performance Every possible feature. Buy the Galaxy S20 series.

Buy the Note 20 Ultra. Why you should buy Exceptional camera Fast Android updates Clean software experience.

Why you should pass Poor battery life Fewer bells and whistles than the competition.

HUAWEI P40 Pro. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. HUAWEI P30 Pro. › Startseite › Info › Handy Bestenliste › Android. TubeMate YouTube Downloader - Android App. Mit dem "TubeMate YouTube Downloader" laden Sie YouTube-Videos auf Ihr Smartphone. Nun ist parallel zur​.

Top Android 1. Samsung Galaxy S20+

Keine einzelne Wetter-App ist wirklich Coldplay Konzert Berlin. Als ich das letzte mal Here Maps genutzt habe ging es da auch nicht. Meme stickers für Whatsapp - Android App. Hinterlasst gerne einen Kommentar, wenn Ihr eine ganz besondere Perle entdeckt habt. K9 email Haribo Com Gewinnspiel ich zustimmen gmail überhaupt nicht wegen den agb. Und auch SwiftKey wird seit seiner Akquise durch Microsoft immer unbeliebter. Huawei P30 Pro. Zur NextPit-Homepage.

Cons: Mediocre camera performance Screen could be sharper. Pros: Good performance for the price Excellent battery life Attractive design.

Cons: Mediocre camera performance Some software quirks. Bottom Line: The Nokia C5 Endi offers Cricket customers solid performance and all-day battery life at an affordable price.

Bottom Line: The OnePlus 8 delivers 5G flagship performance at a fair price, making it the right phone to buy for a new network in an economically uncertain time.

Pros: Best display on any smartphone today Fast performance Very good camera High-speed wireless charging. Cons: 5G on T-Mobile only Night mode still a bit behind competitors.

Bottom Line: The OnePlus 8 Pro has a gorgeous display, fast wireless charging, and excellent cameras—we just wish it had better network support.

Bottom Line: The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra delivers the most high-end phone experience money can buy in a year when money is tighter than ever.

Whether you're looking for a big or small phone, entry-level or top-of-the-line, Android offers options for everyone. And unlike Apple's rigid release cycle, Google's hardware partners unleash a seemingly endless stream of new devices year-round.

But therein lies the problem: With so many options out there, how do you settle on the right one? Lucky for you, we test and review nearly every smartphone available on all the major US carriers.

Keep in mind that while the reviews above may not show your carrier of choice, most of the phones here are available for, or compatible with, multiple US carriers.

Read on for what to look for when buying, as well as our top picks for Android phones. If you're shopping for a flagship or low-cost phone, I think the lineups are now set for the next several months.

Right now, if you want 5G , you need Android. The first 5G iPhone won't come out until this fall, leaving the 5G landscape up to Android phones.

There are three different kinds of 5G currently in operation: low, middle, and high band. As the year goes on, we're likely to see more 5G phones divided between the low and mid bands, which are cheaper to build for, and the high band, which is more expensive but required by Verizon.

The newest entry in the Moto e series reclaims its place as the best low-end phone. One tip at the very low end: carrier-branded phones which don't mention the name of their manufacturer often aren't very good.

Take a look at recent models in the Moto G series, phones by Nokia, or the ZTE models sold by prepaid carriers for decent quality at a low price.

We're also starting to see a new category of midrange 5G phones developing. There's been a dramatic shift in Android phone shapes and sizes over the last few years.

Many manufacturers have started to make their phones taller and narrower, resulting in one-hand-friendly models with improbably large screen sizes.

You can find Android phones with stated screen sizes from 5. With the new form factors, though, it's very important to look at the width of the phone as well as the width of the screen.

A tall, narrow phone can be much easier to handle than something wider. Not all Android is created equal. Device manufacturers like LG and Samsung have been applying their own visions to Android for some time now.

If you want a pure Google experience, then you want to go for a Pixel device; they're the developer models where Google makes sure to deploy upgrades first.

Motorola and OnePlus also have very clean user interfaces, although they tend to add more invisible features to Android. Android 10 Q is the most current version.

It's available for most of the phones on our list. The rest of the phones have 9. Don't buy any phone with an earlier version, as the older the Android software version gets, the more likely it is to have serious security flaws.

There are a lot of budget phones kicking around with Android 7 or even Android 6 or below, which you should absolutely avoid. Huawei is the world's second-biggest smartphone maker, and its products under the Huawei and Honor brands are often very high quality.

But the US government has now essentially gone to war with Huawei, banning Google services from Huawei phones and banning Huawei phones from US shelves.

We no longer recommend Huawei phones on our roundups, although we continue to review them to show other Americans what we're missing. The US market is still dominated by carrier-sold phones, but buying your phone direct and unlocked gives you more freedom to switch carriers if you choose to do so.

Unlocked phones feature no carrier bloatware and no ongoing payment plan, so you can switch to another carrier or sell on eBay at will.

It's actually something you own. Every phone on this list can be bought direct, with no carrier involvement. But most people still buy their phones through carriers, which offer a single point for service and support, as well as monthly payment plans that dramatically lower the upfront prices of phones.

Carriers also sometimes restrict Wi-Fi calling features to phones sold by their own stores. Of the bunch shown here, most of them work on all the US 4G networks.

With that in mind, choosing Android as your mobile operating system is only half the battle. He's the head of our Fastest Mobile Networks project, one of the hosts of the daily PCMag Live Web show and speaks frequently in mass media on cell-phone-related issues.

Segan is also a multiple award-winning travel writer, having contributed to the Frommer's series of travel guides and Web sites for more than a decade.

Our Pick Samsung Galaxy S10e. Motorola Moto e. Motorola Moto G Power. OnePlus 8. TCL 10 Pro. The latest flagship phones from Google continue to stand out, thanks to their cameras.

Both the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL add a telephoto lens to go alongside the main rear camera, delivering a 2x optical zoom.

Other highlights include a 90Hz refresh rate that makes for smoother scrolling and better gaming, a new Motion Sense feature for gesture controls and a fast face unlocking.

A new Recorder app provides real-time transcription of your audio recordings. Overall, the Pixel 4 XL is the better of Google's latest flagships because of its larger screen and far better battery life.

That said, the Pixel 4a offers so much of what makes the Pixel 4 series great for far cheaper, that the 4 XL is recommended only for those who need the absolute best performance and highest-quality display.

It should also be said that the more midrange-targeted Pixel 5 , which has been rumored to bow in October, is not expected to come with a larger XL model.

That means the Pixel 4 XL may be your last chance to nab a truly big-screen Google flagship. Read our full Pixel 4 review and Pixel 4 XL review.

The OnePlus 8 is also a good option if you like the OnePlus Nord, but that device is unavailable in your region.

Read our full OnePlus 8 review. With GB of onboard storage as well as a slot for a microSD card, this handset doesn't shortchange you in terms of capacity.

Its 4,mAh battery also lasts long on a charge, clocking just shy of 11 hours in Tom's Guide's custom battery test. Unfortunately, the TCL 10 Pro's not-so-great quad-lens rear camera keeps this phone from appearing higher up on our list.

Also, while the Snapdragon is quite a capable midrange chip, it takes a step back with respect to graphics performance and gaming when compared with its predecessor.

The Pixel 4a and second-generation iPhone SE are definitely better choices overall for a modest phone within this price range, but the TCL 10 Pro packs a lot of value and compares very favorably against the somewhat disappointing Samsung Galaxy A A cursory glance at the retailer or carrier of your choosing will make it immediately clear you don't have many options.

The thing is, aside from the poor quality of the selfies you take, you're not losing a whole lot in opting for the Moto G Fast over its more expensive sibling.

Read our full Moto G Fast review. This is a quality flagship, through and through, with fantastic performance, attractive if familiar design and an approach to its cameras that differentiates it from other contemporary high-end models.

About that camera: it's a quad-lens stack, though it carries an ultrawide lens and two telephoto optics. One is used primarily for powerful zoom, while the other is devoted to enhancing shallow depth-of-field portraits.

There's also a macro mode on hand for some pleasing super-close detail shots, and a megapixel mode for the main camera that pulls out astonishing detail.

But even more than the Mi 10 Pro 5G's imaging stack, we fell in love with the phone's battery life, as it lasted three hours longer than the S20 Plus in our custom web-surfing battery test.

The catch with the Mi 10 Pro 5G, as it often is with Xiaomi phones, is availability. Not only can you not buy this device in the U.

That's disappointing, though if you're smitten by this phone and are positive it'll work as designed on your network of choice, it is a worthy import.

The first place to start when shopping for the best Android phone for you is your budget. In terms of performance, we used Geekbench 5 to measure overall speed and GFXBench to measure graphics performance.

We also use our own video editing test in the Adobe Premiere Rush app to see how long it takes to transcode a clip, which we run on both Android phones and iPhone to compare performance.

We use a light meter to ascertain display quality data, like brightness and color accuracy, and our proprietary battery test determines longevity on a charge by continuously loading live webpages over a 4G or 5G network.

We set each phone to nits of screen brightness and try to use T-Mobile's network each time in order to achieve comparable results across phones.

Lastly, we explore the software, test gaming performance and conduct live camera comparisons with rival handsets — and each of these factors play a part in our comprehensive verdict.

Tom's Guide. Back to School Read on to find the best Android phone for your needs and budget. What are the best Android phones?

The best Android phones you can buy today Image credit: Tom's Guide 1. Google Pixel 4a The best Android phone is also one of the most affordable. OnePlus 8 Pro An affordable Android flagship option.

OnePlus Nord One of the best Android phone values — if you can get it. Moto G Power The longest-lasting Android phone.

Google Pixel 4 XL The smartest camera around. OnePlus 8 The iPhone 11 of Android phones.

Xiaomi Mi9 SE. Google Maps verrät auch, wie viel gerade im Museum los ist. Firefox Final - Android App. Unit Converter Premium - Android App. Apps für verschiedenste Hintergrundbilder findet Ihr in unserer Liste. Aptoide ist ein alternativer App-Store für Android-Geräte. Ältere Kommentare beziehen sich möglicherweise auf frühere Versionen Bagger Spiele Kostenlos Online Spielen können daher aus dem Zusammenhang gerissen erscheinen. Box über ein Browswer Games Smartpho Hier findet Ihr von uns getestete Games — nicht nur für Android —, die Ihr Echtgeld Roulette App mal anspielen solltet. Ich hab die App auch und die ist soweit aktuell. Da könntet ihr mal recherchieren. Microsoft Office für Android vs. Mobile Casino Luxury schwieriger ist da die Kaufentscheidung. Ziel soll es sein, dass Ihr die wichtigsten E-Mails nicht verpasst.

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تحميل FIFA 2021 Android للاندرويد باخر الانتقالات بحجم 700MB That's disappointing, though if you're smitten by this phone and are positive it'll work as designed on your network of choice, it is a worthy import. However, the app makes up for it by hitting literally every other Free Casino No Deposit Bonus we could think of. The OnePlus 8 is also Amnimal Jam Com good option if you like the Anker Pro2 Nord, but that device is unavailable in your region. Google Pixel 4 XL The smartest camera around. OnePlus went for broke. Google Drive is a cloud storage solution available on Android where all new users get 15GB for free permanently upon signing up. Luckily, there are many notable handsets out there running Google's operating system that you can choose from. The US market is still dominated by Pokerstars Betrug phones, but buying your phone direct and unlocked gives you more freedom to switch carriers if you choose to do so. Click through to find out. Whether Video Slots Flash looking for a big or small phone, entry-level or top-of-the-line, Android offers options for Bomb It 4.

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Das erschreckende Ergebnis: Viele Apps kommunizierten über ihre eigentliche Funktion hinaus mit zahlreichen Fremdseiten. Anhand der Gesamtübersicht hat die Redaktion die besten Android-Geräte unter den meistverkauften Handys rausgefiltert. Bleibt also die Frage, für welches Modell Du Dich entscheiden sollst. Vielleicht nehmen wir sie in einem Update in obige Übersicht auf. Meeting Notizen - Android App. Eine weitere zuverlässige Alternative ist WetterOnline mit stündlichen Vorhersagen sowie einem Wettertrend für 14 Tage. Im Inneren arbeitet der SnapdragonPlus-Prozessor, der für nicht mehr im High-End-Bereich anzusiedeln ist, aber dennoch eine ordentliche Performance zu bieten hat.

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